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Message from Angela Johnson – March 17, 2015:

We are looking to employ a Projection Mapping /Creative Content Designer for the largest Production company in Las Vegas. Please submit resume at the email address above. David Saxe Productions is casting once again…

For employment opportunities, the email address is I can be reached directly at 702-318-6483.

Angela Johnson

Hi to all freelance projection designers out there.

We are constantly looking for freelance projection designers for the different projects that we offer to our customers.
We do interior, object or monumental mappings.
Please send us your contact details, if possible average daily rate, and links to some of the projects you’ve done.

Look forward collaborating with you.

Marc Judor
Managing director


Hello there,

I’m Ali Faghih (NZD Counsulting), can any one can help me to do this projection mapping.
It ‘s the first time in my country and I want to do that in good quality.
I’m sure after this project there is more and more.

In addition the building covers by glass.

Thank you,
Ali Faghih.

Fore more information:
NZD Counsulting.


Light Scope is an integrated system provider for high impact indoor and outdoor lighting displays. We are currently looking for freelance projection designers.

If you are interested in working for Light Scope, please send your CV and portfolio to:

We are Looking to partner with some one for Projection Mapping in UAE. Read more…


Projection Mapping the entertainment revolution!

The entertainment revolution! By Tom Shanon. Updated May 29, 2015 Projection Mapping, the entertainment revolution! Artists are constantly developing their ideas or new tools to create big effects on stage. Today there is one technology more innovative than others. Projection mapping is “The” technology who helps to expand ideas of artists and show directors. A good company of projection mapping (directory of companies) helped by good content creators (directory of content creators) can transform the surface of a complex object into a dynamic video display of 3D. Specialised software and other technologies are used to make the projection fit perfectly on irregularly shaped surfaces. The result creates optical illusions and turn physical objects into amazing objects that seem to act as if alive. “It’s the entertainment revolution!” 🙂 Example of Projection Mapping (from the creative studio FOUND):   Beyond the artistic aspect of things, it is visual communication in general which is taking over this technology. Now advertising agencies are increasingly being asked to use it. There are countless applications and the artistic possibilities seems limitless! What are your thoughts? Our readers would love to hear what you think! Tom Shanon (from Paris)   Follows... read more

Jobs in projection mapping

Jobs in projection mapping By PROJECTION NEWS. Updated May 29, 2015 Projection mapping jobs. Who is this aimed at? Projection mapping is a booming market offering jobs for content creators. The technology relies on numerous professions: 2D/3D animation / visuel effects / motion design / motion grahics / graphics / art direction / post production / video programmer… Here is the definition of projection mapping and here is a example on a home. Projection mapping industry. Why to apply for a job? If you ask event organizers, advertisers, communication and publicity specialists about mapping, for those who already know about it, they will tell you that this broadcasting technology has a brilliant future ahead of it! That now is the time to jump on the band wagon and grab the market! Disney has given mapping center stage by basing its “Disney Dreams!” show around this technology. Their latest achievement was in Disneyland Tokyo, with a show that was inaugurated on May 29th, 2014, and at a cost of US$21 million. Other big brands such as Ferrari, Red Bull and many others have understood the importance of this technology. In 2014, the Sochi Winter Olympics used it in a partnership with Coca-Cola and Panasonic. Every day new businesses are springing up, as part of what is obviously a booming trend. With this avenue in broadcasting and creation opening-up, digital or design-based professions have a path laid down for them and jobs to get out and grab! More and more requests for projection mapping. To round things up, here is the analysis of two curves found in Google trends. This tool... read more

Projection mapping is a booming technology

Projection mapping is a booming technology By PROJECTION NEWS. Updated May 29, 2015 After reading the definition what can we say about the limits of projection mapping? Right now, we are merely at the emergence of the phenomenon, yet when every single condition is met, you can be sure of a result which is flowing with high definition. Whether tiny or monumental, there are countless applications. While the graphic chain enables innumerable artistic creations, powerful projectors now run with such efficiency that they can be over 100 meters away. Considering this, it is clear that projection mapping has enough going for it to attract various sectors. But which sectors are we talking about? Projection mapping and show. Quite naturally, our first thoughts turn to the entertainment industry which has readily adopted this method (which was elaborated by ingenious artists). Nowadays, one can already see its applications on television production sets,on theatre stages, in concerts, at sporting events, in night-clubs, in theme parks and generally speaking in any environment requiring some kind of scenography. Projection mapping and marketing. Advertisers see projection mapping as a way to draw attention. Due to the fascinating aspect and monumental dimensions this technique can generate, well-known brands like Nike, Adidas or Red-Bull have understood its marketing potential. Coca-Cola and Panasonic have come together to present a monumental projection at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. This technology isn’t just about monumental projections, however: some shop window displays are beginning to use it too. Car manufacturers like Ferrari and Porsche use it at Auto Shows and trade fairs to turn their latest models into real... read more

We are Looking to partner with some one for Projection Mapping in UAE

Partnership projection mapping in UAE By Amjad Durrani June 20, 2015, Dubai UAE We are Looking to partner with some one for 3D projection mapping for the several clients that we service. CreateAV, Event Management Company, have over 20 years of experience in the UK. We have started our Dubai operations and aim to service our clients with the same professional and quality service.We provide audio visual equipment for events such as: Led screens / Video walls / Projectors / Laptops / Touch screen / sound system / led lighting and also set creations. We pride ourselves in delivering the latest technology, from a small desk top projector for a small meetings to large conference productions, exhibitions, product launches, seminars, or even weddings. We offer a wide range of services in terms of catering for your specific needs in equipment and quality for all audio and video requirements. Installations, projection/display and control system. We are seriously looking to partner with a company for this service. Though their are just a few companies who do this in the UAE I see a great opportunity to work with someone and take this business further. We have several inquiries and need to partner with someone who know the business and work with us offering competitive rates. Amjad Durrani  ... read more

Projection mapping show: “STORY ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY”

“STORY ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY” By Nathanaëlle Picot (France). Updated May 29, 2015 Projection mapping show: “STORY ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY” Auditoire Dubaï contacted Nathanaëlle Picot to write with Audrey Baldacci a 4 acts show of mapping with dancers interactivity.    The first act plunged the audience into the journey of a photographer. Through his eyes, the guests live his passion and follow him through his journey to capture the perfect photograph : his preparation, his quest to find the right subject, the way he composes the image and fix it. The second act is about Black and White. It immerses the audience into a graphical & contrasted vision of life in black & white. The performer and his shadow fight to impose their vision of life in black or in white in a modern, dynamic & powerful ballet. Only to realise that a good B&W picture is made of an infinity of greys. From their union grows a tree of life. The third act is Night Photography. It is built on the use of 4 graphical univers enabling us to magnify the difficult art of capturing light, which is the essence of Night Photography : city, water, fire and cosmos. The last act is about Life. This final act is a spectacular artistic performance in which 3 characters, representing the 3 primary colours, unit their strength to revive a white chrysalides having lost her colours and joie de vivre. Every attempt of the 3 colourful characters to bring the chrysalis back to life, results in an explosion of colour pigments revealing the finalist photographs. CREDIT: Conception of a 3D Mapping for HIPA Ceremony Awards, Dubaï Production Company : AUDITOIRE DUBAÏ Antoine Croise Jean-Baptiste Cabrera Audrey Baldacci   Light... read more

Bazillion Pictures creates a projection mapping for Union Station’s Centennial Célébration

“The Monument Comes Alive” By Bazillion Pictures (USA). Updated May 29, 2015 Bazillion Pictures creates a projection mapping for Union Station’s Centennial Célébration Quixotic Taps The Full-Service Boutique’s Animation, Visual FX & Motion Graphics Talent To Create A Digital Journey That Brings The Rich History of Kansas City’s Iconic Building To Life Union Station’s Beaux-Arts facade was transformed into a canvas for a 3D projection mapping video that was the centerpiece for the iconic Kansas City building’s centennial celebration,entitled, ‘The Monument Comes Alive.’ Bazillion Pictures created the 3D animation, visual effects and motion graphics for the project, and crafted the multitude of digital assets into a spectacle of imagery, color and light that tells the story of this architectural landmark and how it adapted and persevered through a tumultuous century. At this past week’s American Advertising Federations Awards (AAF-Kansas City) the multi-media installation garnered two Gold awards on the heels of winning top honors at the Telly Awards. Quixotic, the Kansas City-based production company specializing in high-end immersive events, produced the project, working closely with Union Station to create an outline and determine which events during the building’s rich history should be represented in the video. Once they decided on the most notable historic and cultural benchmarks, they began the process of culling through thousands of archival photos to find the images best suited for each segment of the show. The project outline and photographs were then delivered to Bazillion Pictures, where they were divided up for asset creation and the CGI shots were assigned for animation and effects. “At their best, century old photographs aren’t 4k quality, and... read more